21st century herd management

Save money. Reduce risk. Sleep better. Start using drones to count and manage cattle herds.

BeeFree Agro is an autonomous livestock management system that will locate and count cattle on large pastures or feedlots, and provide essential information in minutes. From now on, you can focus on solving problems rather than looking for them.

Our autonomous drone system "Joe" provides real-time information about what’s happening on the ground. It will count cows and give you a clear view of your infrastructure or can even be used for security.

Autonomously scans pastures and tracks the number of animals and their location.

Infrastructure overview

Provides a status overview of your facilities – gates, water troughs, fences etc.

Autonomous mustering

Efficiently controls the location of livestock using low-stress handling techniques and artificial intelligence.

Early disease detection

Identifies sick animals before their condition escalates.


Minimizes your carbon footprint, improves the health of the soil, and increases productivity.

Predictions and analytics.

Produces insights with AI-powered analytics to predict and prevent issues.

This is our story

BeeFreeAgro was founded in Israel in 2020 by Noam Azran and Dvir Cohen, two experienced livestock growers. Like you, we spent years struggling with rising operating costs, finding and training unskilled workers, and spending time on monotonous and dangerous tasks.

Being a cowboy is both a physically and mentally exhausting job.

We searched for innovative solutions but couldn’t find any, so we decided to create one ourselves. We named it Joe, in honor of our best herding dog. Joe transformed our business and our lives. We could finally spend more time with our families and sleep peacefully.

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Monitor your pasture 24/7

Send a drone to gather data and report back in real time on your mobile.Get detailed reports of what’s happening on in the field. Spend your time dealing with problems rather than looking for them.

Maximize your team’s efficiency

Reduce the need for unskilled workers.

Manage issues proactively

Get detailed reports of what’s going on in the field. Spend your time dealing with issues rather than looking for them.

Minimize use of resources

Minimize wear and tear of machinery, reduce injuries, and decrease time spent on monotonous activities.
Reduce the use of horses, dogs, or helicopters. Joe uses low stress handling techniques that increase livestock productivity.

Why work with us

Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips

We developed a powerful AI-based solution. The more data Joe collects, the smarter it gets, and the more it can help you.

A solution designed by ranchers for ranchers

As second-generation ranchers, we understand your needs. Our solution is designed to fit livestock growers and their unique challenges.

No previous technical experience needed, plug and play

Our system is autonomous and starts working from day one. It’s easy to use and operational with few clicks on our app.